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About Us

My Story is one of adaptation, change and Perseverance 

Maria Lucce began as a local dressmaker over the years we have made a lot of changes.  In 1986 we started just making gowns and special occasion clothing for women and children, out of my home. Open the first retail location in 1988, as a  Bridal and Special Occasion shop, along with our custom made gowns.  Sadly The Market was pretty tough for a single Mom with 4 Children and we closed our business in Dracut mass for a short time. It did seem as though we opened several shops and due to life events we would have to work full time and closed many times.  I never gave up I would work full time, Sew Out of my home, and work several part time jobs It wasn't ideal , but there was no way I would give up ! After all it was the one thing I knew I was good at.  

In 2010 We reopened again in Hudson NH as Maria Lucce Designs and Alterations,  With the Children grown and on their own It was finally my time.   Over the years I have participated in many Designer shows, locally, including several Boston Fashion Weeks.  Even doing NY Fashion Week for the first time at 60 years old in February of 2020....  The Passion to create beautiful one of a kind gowns and dresses has never diminished,

 I love and appreciate all of the customers who have followed me all these years, Thanking them for believing in me.  I also look forward to working with all of my new customers for years to come.


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